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You can take contact by Skype.
Skype-username: brewed-berlin

Call me!
Get Skype and call me for free.
Should measuring more narrowly I be shown online by Yahoo then one already knows me for contacts here. I then ask to say at the chatt that it is an accomodation enquiry at once there I if necessary sunbathes an unknown measuring more narrowly contact not absolutely accepts
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My supply:
A room for 1 person friendly fitted out with an normal bed and an round small table with an table light and two chairs. The room is silent.
One finds radio alarm clock and a fixed network telephone with separate phone number on the bedside table for one. The fixed network number also can be obtained to be able to inform another person about her if necessary at booking. Fixed network conversations into the German fixed network (no special editions) are free of charge utilizable.
On request and after time of the guest the stay in the living room is also possible. TV by cable and TV Home with all Fernseh and radio stations is available.
By the window one has a free look at a big garden area. Many trees, for example birches and firs and sees almost no neighboring houses in the summer semester. Increase Pics lowerly: "The pictures" The breakfast can be taken at bad weather in the kitchen living room or in the living room. The guest can use the kitchen living room and also feed himself there. All usual kitchen utensils are; to this available electrical stove and refrigerator. There is a freezer in the corridor. Increase Pics lowerly: "The pictures" The breakfast can be taken in Summer at good weather on the big balcony / pre-midday sun. Increase Pics lowerly: "The pictures" My PC with big flat screen and wider technical pieces of equipment -- fax, scanner, printer, is free of charge at disposal by my guests. In the room is posseble to use an own Laptop free by flatrate too.

The pictures The weather is in Berlin and as? The Info-Site of Berlin
The Map-Link to the adress of the room - password saved after the obligatory announcement
A new Browserfenster opens respectively.
My apartment has many and good traffic connections for this one of -subway stationen " Berliner Strasse ", " Bayerischer Platz " and the Bus M(etro) 46 and Bus 104.
The U-subway stationen and the Bus 104 you`ll reach in may be 5 minutes walking; the Bus M46 in may be 10 minutes walking.
The U-subway station via " Berliner Strasse " and the Bus M46 are driving the hole nights. The Bus M 46 are driving in the nights all 30 minutes.

Particularly connections:
From theU-subway station " Berliner Straße " you´ll reach after driving may be 5 minutes the U-subway station " Kürfürstendamm " and Kürfürstendamm are as soon as one has gone up in the middle of which Kurfürstendamm, not far from the emperor Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche.
From U-subway station " Bayerischer Platz "
you´ll reach after 1 station the U-subwas station " Viktoria-Luise-Platz " *) and after 2 stations the
U-subway station " Nollendorfplatz " *).

*) Bars for friends of the ECMC and LFC


EURO 25,-- / day für 1 person inclusive breakfast.  From the 3. night each day only EURO 20,-- inclusive breakfast.
Members of ECMC and LFC pays at presentation of the own ECMC or LFC valid card:
By booking 3 nights for 1 person each day only EURO 20,-- inclusive breakfast.

* Online-Announcement *

One announcement by e-mail becomes reservation after paying for the agreed price first. after paying by Bank.
If you can´´t come you don´t get back money.
Every guest has to identify himself when checking in by a valid identity card or passport.
The total amount or at cash in advance the balance has to be paid at the CheckIn in bar also.

The EMail address is admitted by the sender one in his EMail form.
In the source text is no Adsign any more and cannot used by unauthorizations. I hope, do you understood it. Thank you.
eMail adress

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